uiojk's art commissions

Process and Content Guidelines


Ideally the commissioner should have a reference sheet available for each of the characters in the commissioned artwork, unless the commission is for a reference sheet itself. If an aspect of the character will be different from the given reference sheet it will need to be pointed out.

If the commissioner does not have a reference sheet for a character the commission can still proceed but the commissioner must try to provide as much detailed information as possible for each character. Colors will have to be agreed upon before the coloring step of the commission. Colors cannot be changed after the coloring step.

Provide specifics whenever possible using detailed descriptions, including preferred poses, angles. If you want a focus on a certain part of the body please specify.

If a character or elements of the background will be complicated to draw, the artist will notify the commissioner of the extra cost. Complexities that can incur extra fees include but is not limited to: Complicated markings/tattoos/stripes/patterns, excessive number of limbs/eyes/tails/wings, complicated costumes/armor/props/equipment, etc.

The artist currently does not offer rush orders. The artist will let the commissioner know if the deadline might be too tight for a commission. Deadlines to a specific date must be agreed upon before payment.

The artist may take some time to get around to the commission in some cases.

Updates and WIPs will be sent to the commissioner occasionally by DM or email to ensure satisfaction with the progress.

The commissioner will need to approve the sketch before the artist continues the artwork.

If there are mistakes, it is better to say something earlier than later. Do not wait to ask for a change since the artwork becomes very complicated to fix at the shading step.

If the artist made an obvious mistake that differ from the initially provided reference sheets and detailed descriptions, the artist will make the changes with no extra fee.

After the sketch and cleaned line steps, large changes are much harder to do without extra costs but small edits are still possible. A limit of 5 small edits is provided with further small edits past the limit being to the artist's discretion.

A payment escrow service will be used for the transaction. The payment escrow service will use the credit card processor Stripe to handle the payment.

If the commission was started via email/DM communications, and Artconomy is the payment escrow provider, you will be asked for your email address so the artist can send an invoice.

At the completion of the commission, the commissioner will be provided with an image of a higher resolution than usually posted online by the artist.

Payment must be completed before the completion of the commission.

Will / May Draw

Anthropomorphic characters (furries, any species)

Machines, Robots, Mecha (prices may vary with complexity)

Most background settings

Will Not Draw

Excessive gore

Underage characters, Cub


Objectionable and/or overtly political content

This list is not exhaustive, feel free to ask.